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About me

Dr Shradha Billawa

Counselling Psychologist

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I chose to follow psychology because I consider our relationships and how we share ourselves with others to be hugely important. For the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from many backgrounds, all holding different life experiences; both within and outside the NHS.

Identifying as a British, South Asian cis-female, I can appreciate the complexities of growing up within cultural and social systems and values, that can often conflict. My personal background and experiences also mean that I am very aware of the impact of culture and religion on wellbeing, and how stigma can sometimes make it hard for us to speak about our difficulties, or even put our own needs first. Because of this, I will always try to create a space where you can speak openly about your experiences.

I work integratively, allowing me to creatively and flexibly tailor therapy to your needs. I believe this is important, especially as we all have many different identities and experiences. Within our work, I believe it is also valuable to attend to issues of power and social justice which are often sewn throughout the structures we live in.

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